Residential HVAC

Comfort Tech works closely with home owners to maximize heating and cooling efficiency while minimizing out-of-pocket costs. Anything from cooling, heating or even dehumidifying your home, Comfort Tech understands how much of a difficulty it can be to be without the mentioned conveniences. Below are a few services of what Comfort Tech has to offer.

Furnace Installation

A furnace is a major household appliance permanently installed to warm up your home when the winter season comes. Comfort Tech is always on call when there is a home in need for warmth, in spite of the weather conditions. With all of the various brands on the market, we are well informed with at least 12 of the most common brands. (To see a list, please visit Area of Specialization in our About Us page)

Air Conditioning

Given that we have the privilege of living in the Pacific Northwest, we need not heavily rely upon air conditioning, but let's not forget those few 90 degree temperature days we experience during the summer, and everyone is rushing to a local store to purchase "some1" air conditioning unit. We've all been there. I encourage you to call a professional today and see how we can be of service in consultation, reference, and application of an affordable unit, be it one bedroom or central. Comfort Tech will give you a peace of mind in not having to worry about those bursting hot moments during summer.


What Is The Most Humid City In The U.S.? In case you don't know, it's right here in our backyard: Forks, Washington. Humidity is a major contributor to mold and mildew growth inside of the home, causing furniture damage and even pose health risks. Dehumidifiers work by reducing the excess water we observe in our local atmosphere, resulting in a healthier and more comfortable environment. Do you know the level of humidity in your home? Give us a call today!


A thermostat is a component of the control system that allows the user to regulate the temperature levels of the house, heating or cooling. Thermostats have become increasingly more intelligent by regulating temperature levels, identifying when to increase heat or shut off, observing the time of day and adjusting the temperature accordingly. It's quite a handy device, and increasingly indispensable to anyone who wishes to save on their energy bills.

1We place the word some in quotes signifying that most people aren't truly sure of the over priced product they are purchasing. Trust the professionals at Comfort Tech.